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Liite class and secure automatically your attachments on your computer, your server and on Cloud.

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About Liite.

No more time wasted in front of your computer to "Open / Save as / Close / Archive", no more obligation to login in order to upload documents to your database.
Liite allows easy instant management of all your attachments and creates a uniform tree records with smart filters, without error and without human intervention.
Liite allows scanning of your mail in PDF and automatically backs it up in a dynamic tree.
Liite allows dynamic and intuitive renaming of your attachments, according to precise and detailed criteria.
Liite permits the security of your data, no more need to create a specific tool or to provide access to an external user or to share a document for the submission of a file.
Liite allows you to store your mails and attachments in PDF on the LIITE CLOUD, your FTP server, your DROPBOX or your GOOGLE DRIVE account.
Liite can also synchronize your messages and attachments in PDF on your computer and sort them directly when necessary.
Liite allows, through all these features to earn an average of 1 FTE (Full Time Equivalent) over a 5-day work week per year.


The different liite services.


Save your attachments and mails in pdf in an explicit and dynamic tree with a specific filtering.


Store your attachments and messages in PDF on Liite Cloud on your Server, on your Dropbox account or on your Google Drive account.


A Dashboard, KPI, gives a state of the number of mails and attachments received and associated logs.


With Liite access to your documents is secure. The sender does not have knowledge of what medium is being used and how the attachments sent are stored.


Synchronize your attachments and email in PDF directly to your computer regardless of the storage space selected.


Your attachments can be renamed with Liite. A wide choice of filters gives a more meaningful name to your files.


Liite features.

Saving space


Ranking type





Key Performance Indicators


Advanced Settings


Intuitive naming


Web service under your control.

cloud liite
cloud liite
cloud liite

Liite cloud is based on owncloud, synchronization software providing a platform storage services and sharing of work files.

No need of a GED (Electronic Document Management), with the LIITE Cloud, organize, share and save your scanned mail (converted to PDF) and your attachments in a secure environment.

With LIITE Cloud, synchronize your files directly to your computer (windows system, mac or linux) in real time or view your files on your smartphone (IOS or ANDROID).

Synchronize your files with the following applications :


Data security.

Liite servers are hosted in the datacenter PHPNET, a French company offering hosting and storage solutions with over 10,000 clients. To be totally independent of its policy, PHPNET has its own technical infrastructure and therefore does not depend on any provider.

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